85 • Bubbles

Inspired by Hieronymous Bosch’s depiction of a naked couple in a bubble in The Garden of Earthly Delights (c.1490–1510), Melvin Sokolsky created this iconic photo series for the March 1963 issue of Harper’s Bazaar. Titled the Bubble series, it features Simone D’Aillencourt sporting designer outfits from the spring collections of 1963 while floating in a plexiglas sphere hanging from a crane. After a test shooting in New York, which produced the cover photos, Sokolsky was commissioned to shoot the series on various locations in Paris.


Melvin Sokolsky with model Simone D’Aillencourt and the crew, including a very young Ali McCraw before becoming an actress.

Visit sokolsky.com for more. An interview with Melvin Sokolsky about the making of his photographs is available here.

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